California Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury

In California, there are deadlines for most lawsuits. These deadlines are called statutes of limitations. This article addresses those deadlines.

Statute of Limitations Deadlines

The deadlines for some common types of claims are, as follows:

  • Personal Injury/Wrongful Death Statute of Limitations two years from the date of the accident.
  • Medical Malpractice is one year from the time of the injury.
  • Claims Against a Governmental Entity (e.g., City, County, State):
    • The victim must file a form with the Government entity before commencing a lawsuit. The victim has six months from the date of the injury to submit the form. The Government has 45 days to respond. The victim has six months to commence a lawsuit after denial of the claim.
  • The deadline for a child’s injury claim is two years after the child turns 18 years of age.