Were you involved in a car accident? Did you suffer a head injury in the collision? The studies show your recovery may take longer.

There are a significant number of studies that have found that athletes who suffered multiple concussions take longer to heal. For example, in a report published in the journal, Pediatrics, by Boston Children’s Hospital researchers, kids who suffered a head injury took longer to heal if they suffered from a prior concussion. Children who had a history of multiple concussions were particularly at risk for long-lasting symptoms. The study’s author, Dr. Matthew Eisenberg, was concerned about those children who had suffered numerous head injuries.

The research involved 280 children and young adults, all between the ages of 11 and 22. The individuals were first assessed at the emergency room of Boston Children’s Hospital with concussions. Common symptoms included headache, confusion, and dizziness. Other symptoms included nausea, slurred speech, fatigue, and ringing in the ears.

The individuals were assessed every three months or until the symptoms ended.

The doctors found that those who had a history of concussions suffered longer than those who had never had a head injury.