Motorcyclists are at greater risk of getting in an accident than drivers in a car. Motorcycles are smaller, lighter, and typically driven at a faster speed. These factors make it harder for drivers to see, thus resulting in an accident.

Duties Required of Drivers
A driver of a car has the responsibility to keep a proper lookout for a motorcyclist, to follow all the traffic laws, and to use reasonable care to avoid an accident. When negligence results in injuries to a motorcyclist as a result of the negligence of the driver, the motorcyclist has a legal right to seek compensation for injuries and related costs.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents:
Cars have difficulty seeing motorcycles (less visibility to cars).
Motorcycle defects (defects in manufacturing).
Hazardous roadways that are not maintained (road debris, slick pavements, uneven road).
Important Deadlines:
Motorcyclists have two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit against the wrongdoer.
Motorcycle defect claims (defect in parts, design or manufacture of a motorcycle) must be filed within two years from the date of the accident.
A claim against a governmental entity (Federal, State, and Local agencies are responsible for maintaining roads, streets, and highways) must be filed within six months of the accident.
Important Factors to Determine if You Have a Case:
Did the other party violate a Vehicle Code section or otherwise fail to use reasonable care?
Did the negligence of the other party cause injury or damage to the motorcyclist?
Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries
Motorcyclists do not have the added protection of airbags and car frames to fend off the impact of a moving vehicle and many riders find themselves facing major injuries after a collision, including:

Broken bones
Lacerations to the face and exposed skin
Road rash
Spinal injuries
Brain injuries
Internal injuries
Paraplegia or quadriplegia
Long-term complications including coma
Available Compensation
Motorcycle Accident Injury Damages
Damages that may be recovered in a motorcycle collision depend on the severity of the injuries. Compensation may include the following:

Medical Expenses
Future Medical Expenses
Pain and suffering
Past and Future Lost Wages
Property Damage
Wrongful Death Damages
MCIS Lawyers Can Help
Prosecuting motorcycle accidents is complicated and requires specialized training. MCIS Lawyers has been handling motorcycle cases for more than 30 years. The firm will fight to help you obtain the financial compensation you deserve. Our team will file all necessary documents with the court system in a timely manner and handle all attacks by the insurance company.