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Do you need a car accident lawyer in Wintersburg? First, were you in a car accident? Second, do you have injuries from a car accident? If so, our lawyers will protect you from the insurance company. Above all, our skilled Wintersburg car accident attorneys can maximize your settlement. MCIS Injury Law is your local, Wintersburg, California, personal injury law firm.

Car Accident Attorneys for the City of Wintersburg (Orange County).

Wintersburg car accidents are life-changing events. We understand the stress as a result of injuries from a car collision. For instance, we know how the victim and their family suffers. Further, we know who the greatest doctors and medical providers. To clarify, get the quality care to your treat injuries. Move forward while healing and recovering in the fastest possible time.

Wintersburg Personal Injury Attorneys

Finding the right lawyer in the Wintersburg is essential. After an accident, victims have common questions. As examples, what kind of lawyer should I hire? What types of experience should the lawyer have? Should I hire a large firm or a family friend who happens to practice law? Does having trial experience matter? Does having decades of experience with car accidents matter? The answers can be the difference between winning and losing a claim. The right lawyer makes the difference!

Wintersburg Trial Attorneys

We worked with insurance companies and claims adjusters for over 30 years. Then, we switched sides! We know how insurance companies work! As defense attorneys, we helped evaluate cases for settlements. We know the critical factors the insurance company considers. We also helped them prepare strategies to defeat injury claims!

Our car accident attorneys know how to win your case. Get a reasonable settlement offer! We maximize the money you receive. Get the money you deserve because of the injuries you suffered.

Trial Attorneys – Former Insurance Company Defense Lawyers

Unlike many law firms, our senior partner is a trial lawyer. Mark Cunningham has over 30+ years of experience trying cases to a jury. Wintersburg, California, car accident lawyers are not afraid of insurance companies. We go to Court to fight insurance companies for you. No “low-ball” settlement offers by the insurance companies. Our attorneys do not sell out when your case gets closer to trial. Most attorneys do not go to Court!

Any lawyer you hire must understand how insurance companies think. We do! We worked for insurance companies for close to 30 years. Indeed, insurance companies are in business to make money. Moreover, they try to spend as little as they can on settlements. Insurance companies have no interest in paying you unless you make them.

First, Wintersburg MCIS attorneys work on a contingency basis. Furthermore, we get you the medical care needed and the compensation you deserve. In short, no matter what happens, you don’t have to lay out any money. As a result, we receive payment only if we win your car accident case. Call for a free, confidential consultation about your injury.

Wintersburg Car Accident Attorneys (Orange County)

MCIS Wintersburg attorneys know what the companies do to defeat cases. We know the specific strategies the insurance companies use. Further, we developed the same insurance companies strategies. In other words, we know how to beat them.

Car Accident Attorneys - Personal Injury Law


Of course; we make sure you get quality medical treatment from experts who specialize in your type of injury. After all, we want you to heal fast.

Medical providers with no large upfront payments.


We work with your medical providers so there is no large upfront payments. MCIS works with the billing departments to defer payments as we settle your case. You should not have to worry about your bills. Let us take that pressure off you. 

Wintersburg Car Accident Attorneys Helpline


Get compensation for lost wages in case you cannot work. Of course, you have the right to receive payment for lost time. In the meantime, our attorneys answer your calls. Your job is to heal. We take care of the rest.

Wintersburg Accident Attorneys Actually Go to Court! 

In reality, experience affects the outcome of injury cases. In contrast to most law firms, our senior partner has over 30 years of in Court. Insurance companies can intimidate attorneys in case of Court. Our attorneys prepare for Court in the event the matter goes to trial. Given that, MCIS attorneys do not fear Court. As a result, we do not accept “low-ball” offers. Further, we do not sell your case as it gets closer to trial.

At MCIS Lawyers, we will get you the medical care you need and the compensation you deserve. With personal injury cases, we operate on a contingency fee only, which means you don’t have to lay out any money whatsoever, and we get paid only if you do. Please call now for a free, confidential consultation about your case.

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Wintersburg Personal Injury Attorney Helpline

Orange County Phone: (888) 670-2580